An innovative and practical product is now available to you. EZ·FIX® electrostatically adheres to every smooth flat surface without adhesive, allowing for original and convenient displays that in no way damage the surfaces they are applied to.

Showing yourself has never been so easy! EZ·FIX® is guaranteed to last 3 to 6 months, depending on environmental conditions. In an ideal environment, it can hold for over 1 year. Clean, effective, and ecological (it can be recycled), EZ-FIX® offers applications as varied as your imagination: calendars, memos, posters, advertising, recipe cards, conversion tables, greeting cards, instructions, fact sheets…

Minimum size: 1.5" x 3"
Maximum size: 17.75" x 24.75"
Special order: 17.75" x 27.5"

• Also available in a clear film.
• Backing can be printed to your specifications.
• EZ·FIX® can be die cut.



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