LENTICULAR technology

A flat image comes to life, changes, or reaches a third dimension without accessory or artifice. This captivating and enchanting magic is possible thanks to AlterAction’sTM lenticular imaging technology.

Alter Ego Graphic Productions masters the entire lenticular process in order to obtain the desired effect and create maximum impact.

Be it design, 3D imaging, interlacing, high resolution printing or finishing, every step in the process is completed by our team of experts, under one roof, to ensure maximum control over each parameter.

Thanks to a highly sophisticated technology, the possibilities of lenticular are numerous, each one more surprising than the next. A picture is worth a thousand words; be sure to consult our portfolio to see the different effects available for your projects.
• animation
• visual change (flip)
• 3D effects
• morphing
• zoom

To learn more, go to www.alteraction.ca or www.alteraction3d.com



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