Stochastic portfolio
Stochastic, with its virtually invisible screen offers exceptional quality, photo-like images. This state-of-the- art technology, combined with our expertise in the field of printing, allows for completion of the most complex projects.

AlterActionTM lenticular portfolio
The visual dynamism of AlterActionTM’s lenticular emphasizes the message by attracting and maintaining the onlooker's attention. Thanks to one of the most sophisticated optical technologies, it is possible to obtain amazing results for a variety of applications.

Ez-Fix® portfolio
It electrostatically adheres to any smooth flat surface without adhesive, enabling for original and practical displays that never damage the surface they are applied to. Showing yourself has never been so easy!

Re-FixTM portfolio
Being repositionable is the greatest quality of this revolutionary film. A fine coat of adhesive ensures effective adherence while allowing the film to be repositioned or removed without damaging the surface it is on.

Art reproduction portfolio
Reproducing works of art has long been a major challenge that requires specific expertise. Stochastic printing is without question the best process for reproducing paintings with remarkable accuracy. A way of paying tribute to artists and their creations.

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