Le Re-FixTM

Being repositionable is the greatest quality of the revolutionary RE·FIXTM film. Similar to a sticker, it adheres to any flat surface once its backing has been removed. A fine layer of adhesive ensures effective adherence while allowing for easy repositioning or removal without damaging the surface it is on.

Whether on a store window, on a floor, or on a vertical surface, RE-FIXTM is ideal for promoting your short- and medium-term ideas. The adherence of RE·FIXTM is guaranteed not to leave a residue trace for a period of 2 years when used properly.

Its great flexibility allows for the film and its backing to be easily rolled up. Applications are numerous: advertising, schedules, calendars, memos, posters, conversion tables, instructions, fact sheets

Minimum size: 0.5" x 0.5"
Maximum size: 18" x 24.75"
Special order: 20" x 28"

• Also available in a clear film.
• Backing can be printed to your specifications.
• RE·FIXTM can be die cut.



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