Discover true Stochastic with Alter Ego. A sophisticated screening technology that produces a continuous tone similar in quality to offset printing, and that ensures a better, more reliable production for high impact images.

• Exceptional image, photo-like quality
• An image free of artifact and moire
• Near perfect replication of PMS colours
• Improved print stability
• A broader colour spectrum
• Elimination of tonal variations with Portfolio registration difficulties

Staccato Stochastic Screening, a sophisticated screening technology that ensures a better, more reliable production for high impact images. Stochastic screening offers a multitude of advantages over conventional screening. Images are free of rosettes and moiré, with limitless shades of grey. Stochastic screening improves colour stability during printing. In addition, the process increases the colour spectrum to offer more vibrant and vivid colours without increasing processing time. Stochastic screening can therefore be considered an excellent tool in the production of your printed materials in comparison with the competition. Improved colour stability is revealed with more vibrant and predictable colours.

Staccato introduces tonal and chromatic stability to the pressroom by reducing dot-gain variations, lifting, and colour offset problems related to paper. The randomness of Staccato’s screening patterns also implies that registration issues do not degrade the screened image, nor result in colour variations during printing. Unique half tones are used with each selection to prevent overprinting dots. This particular stability allows for easy replacement of personalized colours by the four colour process. Broader range and continuous tones of colours.

Staccato Stochastic Screening produces high impact images without artifact, with greater integrity, richer colours, denser shadows, crisper textures, and more precise details. The process eliminates rosettes, moiré patterns, overlapping shades, and the shock colours that are too strong. Staccato screens absorb light better, producing vivid half tones, and a range of colours that are impossible to obtain with conventional amplitude modulation printing. They virtually achieve the quality of continuous tones, protect the purity and saturation of colours, and eliminate paper-related chromatic irregularities. Precise and reliable Epson proofs.

Reliable proofs are possible with Staccato screens using Epson’s 3K ink colour systems.Print on a wider range of media, with a finer film of ink.

Prints produced using Staccato screens use a finer film of ink, making a wider range of media available, including fine, uncoated, or recycled papers, as well as plastic and metallic papers. The density of shadows and tones can be maintained, without the contrast taking over. Your prints can be produced in less time and using less ink, as Stochastic screening enables the ink to dry more rapidly, shortening the delay between printing and binding.

Stochastic screening offers customers the consistency and quality they seek. It is the ideal tool to obtain prints that distinguish themselves by the strength of their colours and the quality of their printing in comparison with the competition.



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