We bring innovative graphic concepts to life, highlighting your brand’s image and maximizing the impact of your message. Our mission is to implement an emotional perception philosophy; representing you and your brand through pleasant, reassuring and endearing concepts.

Our dynamic team will help you in conceptualizing your designs of: branding, identity design, advertising concepts, digital advertisements, sales and promotional material, packaging, promotional booths and others.

Our graphic proposals are always respectful of your corporate vision and are aimed at enhancing your image according to the latest market trends.



Our expertise makes us a leader in the management of the graphic chain and the printing of specialized mediums.

Our Research and Development team is always on the lookout for the latest trends in printing technologies in order offer you the best quality.

From your standard offset or digital printing to display packaging, our team will advise you on the best type of media to use in order to achieve your goals.

We print on several mediums for a display of a variable duration. Both static (Clingz) and adhesive (Re-fix) film are repositionable. They easily attach to any flat surface without damaging it and leave no residue after removal. The applications are numerous: promotion, signage, calendar, poster, procedural documents, fact sheet and others. These are just some of the specialized products we offer amongst many to make you stand out.



Our large format digital printing press allows us to print on flexible material such as banners, semi-rigid such as cork, rigid material and on various other materials such as cardboard, plastic, wood and aluminum up to 0.5 inch (1.27 cm) thick. The use of UV inks protects printed material that are displayed outdoors, in constant sunlight. 
Our maximum print width is 64 inches (162 cm); it is used as a mosaic print for oversized formats.

We also offer print on films that are easily on removable and repositionable. This film allows you to display a piece during a short or medium time frame without damaging the surface it will be on. You will find that the quality of our prints is far superior to those on the market.

In addition, we offer flexible inkjet (spray) print service for your artwork and photographs.



Lenticular technology is a high-resolution imaging process that allows you to create printed images closer to reality by incorporating 3D relief (depth), flip or motion (animation).

We carry out all steps of the high-resolution lenticular printing process internally, in order to effectively control the quality of the parameters throughout the production process; from creation to 3D imaging, to interlacing, printing and finishing.

Many artists are inspired by this contemporary medium. The use of lenticular technology is varied yet always very effective; business cards, postcards, invitations, greeting cards, promotional direct-mailer pieces, product packaging, bookmarks, book covers, displays, posters, murals and others.

In an era composed of 3D art and special effects, large-format lenticular responds to a growing demand for a display that stands out in a unique and original way. The Alteraction printing process that we have put in place is visually one of the most fluid and impactful, whether in lithography or large format printing, the quality delivered is exceptional.



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With our expertise and remarkable abilities in graphic production, we are able to offer a turnkey experience of your project from start to finish.

Our experienced and dynamic team will evaluate the project according to your needs and requirements. They will advise you on the various options available and coordinate the realization of your promotional campaigns or special projects.

We will then work with your deadline schedules, evaluate the different options and coordinate all the steps from start to finish. 
Our experience makes us a valuable collaborator for your company.



Our specialized photography services for online product sales is equipped with European technology; The Professional StyleShoots photography table.

This technology allows us to photograph your products, automatically detour them on the background of your choice and save them under your desired SKU number in the web-based format of your choice. Get your final photos on time and at a very competitive price / quality ratio.

We might just surprise you our catchy photo concepts… ideal for your newsletters or social network!



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